Our Services

A Full Range of Services for all your IT Needs

With many years working in various IT environments, we have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver a friendly and professional service and get it right first time, every time.

We also offer a Managed IT Service which you can tailor to your own specific requirements

Device Repairs & Upgrades

Before consigning it to the bin, give us a call first and we will do our level best to repair or upgrade your equipment. Often this is all it needs to provide many more years of service

Repairs and Troubleshooting

We can offer a full and honest assesment of any equipment so you can make an informed decision to either repair it or replace it.


Most desktops and laptops can be upgraded for a low cost. Often a fairly cheap upgrade can make them run better than when you bought them. Call us for a full assesment.


We offer a telephone help desk with remote support to get your issues sorted fast.

Telephone Support

We can offer an unlimited support agreement for your business. We are only on the end of a line and can help with most of your IT issues instantly.

Remote Support

We can log into your PC  or server and diagnose issues instantly. No more waiting for us to arrive. It’s like having your own IT department on site

Managed IT Service

The Helpdesk service can be part of a Managed IT Service package


Let us design and install your IT systems for you. We can provide professional advice on what you need to achieve your goals.


We can provide and set up all your IT office equipment and make sure its all working to its full potential.

Servers and Networks

Servers and networks work best when they are installed correctly and properly maintened. We provide a range of servers and networking equipment and monitoring services to create an IT system that works properly and efficiently and actually makes it worth having.


Keep your business safe from hackers, viruses and malware with a combination of hardware and software solutions.


We offer a fully managed security suite for your desktops, laptops and servers. Monitored constantly to stop any potential threat in its tracks and minimize any damage as quickly as possible.


hA hardware firewall with Unified Threat Management will help to stop threats at te door before they even have chance to infect your systems.

Managed IT Service

The Security solution can be part of a Managed IT Service package


An essential part of any IT system is good backups. We have a full range of options for all your equipment.


Onsite and offsite solutions with low cost cloud storage.


These can be backe up to a server or have their own backup suite to the cloud with low cost storage options.


Office 365 mailbox backups to a cloud service with the ability to go back to any point in time.

Managed IT Service

The backup solutions can be part of a Managed IT Service package

Office 365

Providers of Microsoft Office 365. A fully managed ofice and email suite enabling collaboration and joined up working.

Office Suite

All the familiar tools such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint etc. A subscription based service that can grow with your workforce.


Using Outlook with Office 365 provides email and collaboration tools such as out of office and shared calendars.

Microsoft Teams

A collaboration app that helps your workforce stay organized and keep in touch wherever they are.

Managed IT Service

Office 365 can be part of a Managed IT Service package